Head of the Dart – April 2014

zre HOTD

The first UK SUP Clubs race was held on Saturday 12th April. The Head of the Dart is one of the largest races in the UK. 136 paddlers took to the water to race the 9 miles from Dartmouth to Totnes.

The race travels with tidal current, however this year we battled a strong headwind for 90% of the race, which made for a hard slog. With such a large number on the start line the start sequence was split into two separate starts, 14’ and unlimited first with 12’6 and cruising class 3 minutes later.

I took a slight detour half way through the race, when I turned right, instead of left. Luckily for me my detour only added about a minute onto my time. However my Black Project Team mate, Ryan James, added a considerable amount of time onto his race by taking the same detour. In true Ryan James form he got his head down, paddled hard and regained his first place overall, awesome paddling.

On crossing the line I hoped I had done enough to take the overall female win but unfortunately I lost it by 9 seconds. I was happy to take 1st place on 14’ board.
Valuable lesson learnt, learn the course and do not follow the people in front.

Ryan James took 1st 14’ and overall winner. Congratulations.

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