The Best Support in the World

The Secret to a Good Race is Great Support

ali alii 2

Last year at the 11 Cities I needed support and my amazing friend Ali Pereira offered to help me.  On day 2, whilst I was going through a meltdown, crying and asking her not to make me go back on the board she told me that I was strong and could finish.  As I crossed the finish line on day 5 and 220km paddled it was Ali I was thinking about.  She told me I could do it and I was determined not to let her down.

Since that event she has been at most races I have taken part in, always keeping me fed, hydrated, showering me with encouragement and giving me a hug when I need it.

My husband (Pete Vale) is regularly out of the country looking after 2 very pampered Formula 1 drivers and Ali has always been there for me.  She would make a great husband.

In my year of paddling I have been fortunate enough to obtain sponsorship from some great Companies.  However, if I had to choose sponsorship or support from my friend, I would choose Ali Pereira every day.

Hopefully one day I can repay you.


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