H2O Watersports Race – BSUPA

h2o 1 h2o 2 h2o 3

Last weekend was my local race and I thought it was a perfect opportunity to do a race with my training buddies.

It was a 6km race, the course was 1km upwind and 4km crosswind legs. The crosswind legs would be tricky with my Starboard Ace.

This was the first race I was using the Black Project fin and paddle combo.

I decided to do a quick run across the start line and was thankful I did. The water was not even knee deep so with one hard stroke I buried the blade into the sand and I kept moving – without my paddle. Luckily due to the strength of my paddle blade there was no breakage.

Time to start the race. The start line was crowded and difficult to get going due to the shallowness of the water. I broke away quickly from most of the pack and was in 4th position then I made a big mistake, I rounded the buoy too close and got my fin caught on the buoy’s securing lines. I slowed quickly and my friend Will hit the back of my board knocking me in. Got back on the board quickly and soon realized my leash was wrapped around the board so had to get back down unwrap my leash and secure it back to my ankle. By the time I was back standing I was in 10th place. Time to paddle strong. The side wind legs were difficult and my Ace successfully threw me in the water 3 more times. If I was going to win this race I was going to have to get a lot of strength and power through every paddle stroke.

I started overtaking the boys and taking places back. I pushed right to the line and finished 1st female and 6th overall.

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