Thames Ultra Endurance Race – 26km



bray 2 bray 3bray 1


This is the race I have been most worried about. 2 days prior to the race I was at the Chiropractor and was informed I had two discs out of alignment and they were pressing on a nerve, which resulted in me struggling to lift my arm above my shoulder. He temporarily re-aligned my spine and I was hoping it would hold out for the 26km distance race.

On the morning of the race the pain in my neck and numbness of my shoulder and arm had not improved but I decided to race.

I got an amazing start and decided to push hard until the first lock, which was 1km from the start. Once back on the water I realized I had a good distance between myself and the 2nd place girl. Time to slow slightly and settle into a rhythm.

By the 2nd lock I was struggling to carry my board as the entry and exit points of the lock were forcing me to carry the board on my injured side.

During the race I was slowing and was really struggling with my shoulder. I had to find the mental strength to push on. With 6 locks to portage and carry my board the end of this race could not come quick enough.

2hrs 48 min later I finished the race in 1st place. I was happy with my result but extremely unhappy with the race. I was hoping to finish 5 minutes quicker.

Time to heal before the next race


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