First UK SUP National Race – Central SUP

central2As I am busy training for the Carolina Cup I decided to use this race as a training race.  I trained for 6 days leading up to the Central SUP race and therefore entered feeling tired and fatigued.

The race was a 10km race on the river with only one turn.  As this year I am racing in the 12’6 fleet I started 9 minutes after the first start, plenty of time to get nervous.  My start was good and strong and within a few minutes I had made a gap between myself and the rest of the fleet.  At the 4km mark I had overtaken all the 14′ female paddlers who had started 3 minutes before me, now time to start catching up with the boys.

At the turning mark (5km) I realised I had a 2-3 minute lead against the 2nd place female, which allowed me to rest in the second half of the race.

I finished the race 5 minutes ahead of the 2nd place 12’6 female and was happy with this as I had no rest days leading up to this race

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