UK SUP National Race Series – Battle of the Thames

bott14 days before Battle of the Thames I returned home from California, so my priority before racing was to get over jet lag quickly and get over the virus I picked up 2 weeks earlier.

I did not train leading up this race and instead I stretched every day.

On race day, the wind was strong 15-20 knots, with the occasional gust over 20 knots.  I like paddling against wind and was hoping this race would suit me.

My race start was good and I got clear of all my race fleet quickly.  I pushed hard for the first 2km with the wind before turning to paddle 7km into the strong head wind.  I felt strong going into the wind and was passing the 14′ females and some of the males quickly.

The race was 16.5km (10 miles) long and I pushed and felt strong for the whole of the race.

I finished the race over 12 minutes ahead of 2nd place female, which equates to almost 2km.  I am very pleased with this race finish

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