Jersey Race – National Championship Race

jersey race 2

Less than 2 weeks after the 11 city tour I headed to Jersey for race 5 for me of the National Championship.  If I could take a win at this race then I would secure the National Champion position with five straight wins.

Jersey is the most beautiful place, but can throw up pretty tough races.  This race was going to be an ocean distance race.  I got off to a great start but struggled with my balance after about 4km due to still having tired painful legs.  I then took a really wide line whilst rounding the light house.  I got caught in really fast current against me and horrific choppy water and I fell in countless times.  The current was flowing so fast against me that I could not get enough speed in my board after 3 strokes on my knees to keep me stable and as soon as I stood up I fell in.  Most kilometres were taking me between 7 and 8 minutes.  This km took me over 18 minutes and I had just gone from first to last place.  All the people I was racing against stayed close to land and apparently it was flat there.  I knew to take this win it was going to be tough as I was now about 1km behind and only 7km left in the race.  I needed to take a risk and take a completely different line from the rest of the girls.  I knew the current was flowing fast against me, so decided to take the much longer course along the land and get out of the flow.  It paid off and within 1km I was back up to 3rd place.  I knew I had to choose the correct time to overtake the next paddler as I did not want her to jump on my tail so had to go wide while passing.

With less than 1km to go I gave it my all and took 1st place back and had a very strong finish.

Five wins out of five races I had now secured the National Championship

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