Norfolk Race – National Race Series

norfolk 1

Time for my favourite race of the year, the race with Martham SUP on the Norfolk Broads.  My favourite discipline is distance and I do love a flat water slog.  This is what I train for.

Last year I won this race as fastest overall female and I was ready and willing to push hard and take the overall win again, hopefully.

I was now in the closing stages of distance training for the SUP 11 City Tour,  I was paddling about 100km a week and was really feeling the strain it was having on me both mentally and physically.  I was tired all the time and was getting bored of standing on my board.

This was a race I really needed to win as I need to take at least one more win to the National Championship tables before the 11 City Tour as I had no idea how I would feel after the 11 City Tour, a 220km non stop race.

This race was pretty text book for me, no mistakes, no mishaps.  I got off clean and free from all paddlers within the first 10 metres and just kept pushing.  Due to this being a point to point race you have no idea how the paddlers behind are doing, so no resting during the race.  I paddled up through the 14’ ladies fleet, then past most of the male 12’6 fleet and starting overtaking some of the males on the 14’ boards.  In the UK races all fleets start separately with 3 minutes between them.

I finished strong and placed well, I was the first female home, with second place almost 2km behind me, I finished 12th overall out of 65 paddlers and was actually 5th 12’6 overall male and female out of a fleet of 48.  I was really happy.

This race is beautiful, the hospitality of Ian Curtis and his crew is second to none and a race I can imagine me doing every year for a long time.

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