Suffolk Race – National race Series

suffolk 2

The superlap race was a race I was really looking forward to, a race of strategy and decisions.  A race format that had never happened in the UK before.

The Super Lap format, is a race of many laps, in Suffolk’s case it was 5 laps but one of the laps was a shortened lap and you can take this lap at anytime after your first full lap.  The decision of when to take your shortened lap is down to the paddler.

The race was on a lake, therefore completely flat water, however I decided to take my new Naish Javelin, my ocean board, to this race due to the fact that it was an easier board to turn and this race had 36 buoy turns.  I had only received this board a few days earlier and was actually unsure of how fast I could paddle it.

My strategy was to get off the start line and get straight onto a train with a few of the girls,  I thought I would be slow off the start, due to paddling a new board and the fact that I was extremely tired due to the crazy training schedule I had finalising my training for the SUP 11 City Tour. I had planned to be at the back of the train, rest up for a lap and let the girls in front decide at the second lap whether or not they would take the super lap.  I knew I wanted to break away from the girls asap, therefore whatever decision they took at the 2nd lap, I would do the opposite, I would break away and then put the hammer down to make a gap between us.

When the start gun went I paddled as hard as I could and then quickly realised I was ahead of all females, something I did not think would be the case on my ocean board, and the fact that I had been base training for long distances for a few months.  During training my heart never went above 75% of max and I had done no sprint work.  I was then convinced the girls must be right behind me and ready to jump on my tail, something I did not want to happen.  I actually then stopped and turned round to see where everyone was, I was happy to see there was already a gap between us, so I just kept paddling.

On my second lap I took the shortened lap as I was concerned if the girls behind took it and I didn’t they would finish their second lap on my tail.  After taking the shortened lap I just kept paddling but realised quickly I was constantly increasing the gap between myself and second place. This meant I could actually back off on my last lap, which felt great.

Very happy to finish the 7.5km race almost one km ahead of second place.  Was not so happy with the wasp sting I got on my eyelid.

I loved the super lap race

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