Paris OC6 Race


Paris OC6 Race

A week before this race I received a message asking if I would take a last minute place in the Royals Ladies Race Crew and I jumped at the chance.  This would be my first race in an OC6.

The day before the race the whole crew had arrived in Paris and we were set for a quick training session.  Thank goodness for this session as we found both boats for the Ladies and Mens Team for Royal Canoe Club had holes in them and were filling with water.  Quick panic and a temporary fix done that we hoped would hold for the race.

At 11pm the night before a decision was made to have 2 mixed crews to try and reduce the weight in the mens boats and hoped that neither boat sank.  I was a bit upset at this decision as I believe we had a very strong, race winning female crew.

6am on Sunday morning we got back to getting the boats ready and eating enough food to last for 2 hours racing.  My racing breakfast was 2 bananas and a pot of clotted cream, which turned out to be perfect for the race.  1 minute before race start I drank a can of Red Bull as I knew I could start tiring before the finish as it would be a faster pace than my year of ultra endurance.  By drinking the Red Bull directly before the race I knew it would kick in approx. 45 minutes later and would see me through to the end.

We started strong, finished even stronger and saw the sun rise of the most beautiful Paris sights.  All went well and we finished 1st place mixed crew and 4th overall.  Great job by all crew.

I loved this race and will be racing Outrigger Canoe over the winter

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