Trent 100 paddle Challenge


Trent 100

I added the Trent 100 to my race season a few weeks ago and constantly questioned if it was the correct decision.  I am not comfortable paddling in a Team and not something I enjoy.  I am a bit of a lone paddler who likes a chat every now and then on the water.

I joined Naish One Team Black with Keith Gorman, Sam Wood, Ollie Edkins and Ben Fisher.  A great group of people and paddlers.  The night before I was still questioning if this was the correct decision for me as this could go horribly wrong or really well.  It went amazingly well and it was thoroughly enjoyable paddling with these guys

The event was over 2 days, with 57km on day one and 40km on day two.  Day one was good from a social side and not so good from a paddling side, we had so much shallow water that could not be paddled and walked a lot.  I was thankful to Brian for Blue Chip who cut my Naish One fin down by half which actually meant I could get my fin across some of the shallows.  Our paddles smashed of so many rocks and we grounded the boards so often.  It was very difficult to get into a rhythmic paddle on this day.  On day 2 we had much more water and the paddle was amazing.  As a Team we were like a well oiled machine, we paddled as one and we completed the day quickly.  A big blow to us was when Ollie broke his paddle 6km from the end but huge thanks to Scott Warren who got us a replacement really quickly by getting on his bike an cycling down the tow path to us.

We got to the finish line before it was set up and had to circle and cross again.  We started as a Team, we finished as a Team and we paddled every stroke together.

The paddle was 97km long, so Keith Gorman and myself paddled off at the end to complete our extra 3km to make it the 100km.  We wouldn’t have slept if we did not complete the distance

Thanks to Ali Pereira, Alex Tobutt and Lucy Tobutt for the awesome support and getting my van to me at the half way point and the finish.

This really is my last 2016 endurance SUP race

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