Thames Ultra

18766445_1355359787882116_780574862118142004_o2017 brings the UK’s first Ultra Endurance Race Series.  I entered all 3 races which range between 51km and 92km of paddling.

The first race was the Thames Ultra, 51km on the River Thames.  The course took us past some famous land marks in the UK.

The weather was not ideal for such a long race, flow in the river was less than 1kph and we would need to deal with a 15-22mph head wind for 6 hours of the race.  I had hoped for a top 5 finish overall but my strength could not match the lead male paddlers against the strong headwind.  I finished 6th overall and first place female, with a lead of almost an hour ahead of 2nd place female.

It was a tough introduction to endurance racing for many paddlers but almost everyone finished the race with times ranging between 6 hours and 10 hours.  Everyone should be very proud


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